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The Osher Project

Many teenage kibbutz survivors and southern communities affected by the war have had their happiness stolen from them by the massacres of October 7th. Because of this unspeakable trauma, these kids are falling through the cracks.


Our mission with this project is to promote the tools necessary to cope, and to help them instill life skills and coping mechanisms.

Maman has created a 3-part program for teenagers:

  1. Crafting Happiness: organizing fun activities (e.g., theme parks and sports games), providing speaking opportunities/platforms 

  2. Prioritizing Healing: various trauma healing therapies - art yoga, sound therapy, massage, spiritual healing, leadership workshops, and retreats. This includes continued therapy and peer support for at least 6 months post-trip. 

  3. Community Support: Facilitate connections with peers who share trauma experiences, connecting survivors to American peers and the LA community, support the host families that are providing room, board, and essentials for teens.

Our Partners

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