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Spiritual Support for Families

When a family is going through an acute challenge, Maman comes in to mother them and extends support through a range of initiatives:

Holistic therapies for Mothers:

Meditation, visualization, massage, reiki, and Kabbalah coaching to support mothers during their illnesses.

Family Assistance:

We ensure the well-being of children while a family member undergoes treatment, providing family support and assistance. We actively help families navigate their family’s well-being during their medical treatments, offering assistance with meals, rides, babysitting, and acting as liaisons with existing community support or providing it when necessary.

Maman helps organize meal and grocery trains, coordinating meal drop-offs, and assisting with grocery shopping to support families facing a rough patch.


Examples of our support initiatives include:

Special Celebrations:

Organizing birthday parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs for kids when families are unable due to the stress of illness, and making sure kids have Hanukkah and birthday gifts.

Meal Support:

Delivering meals to families to alleviate the daily stresses of meal preparation during challenging times.

Hospital Visitation:

Sending visitors to hospitals, providing companionship and support to families during their medical journey.

Meditation Sessions:

Facilitating meditation sessions with families and loved ones in hospital settings.

Our Partners

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