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The Maman Project

We have partnered with boots-on-the-ground grassroots nonprofits and providers in Israel to provide trauma support, community support, and general assistance to survivors, displaced communities, and families of soldiers.


We are focused on helping these communities reclaim stability, feel immediate relief, communal connection, and find some level of normalcy for the kids.

Your donation can play a crucial role in facilitating the following:

  • We adopt communities of survivors, displaced families, and soldiers' families in Israel - We provide community meals, activities, and babysitting for the kids to alleviate stress from the moms 

  • Organize community fun days and supportive gatherings 

  • Assist soldiers' wives and families with housekeeping, therapy, meals, financial support, doulas, prenatal/postnatal support, and one on one various modalities of therapy.

  • Provide holistic and science-based trauma recovery approaches: body therapy, talk therapy, art therapy, hydrotherapy, workshops

  • Support the local Israeli economy: Hire local women to supplement their income and support local businesses and restaurants

  • Maman awards micro-grants to individual therapists and single moms to continue doing therapy and volunteer in Israel

Our Partners

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