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Community Support  for Families

At Maman, our commitment to supporting families in hardship goes beyond addressing immediate needs to also include a holistic approach aimed at rebuilding lives. We understand the challenges families face, and our initiatives strive to make a positive impact.


Maman board member, Tanaz Golshani, leads an initiative with families and housing in our community.


Tanaz worked in Mayor Garcetti's Office for 5 years and worked in multiple Mayor's Office of City Homelessness Initiatives, overseeing all interim housing projects.


With her leadership, Maman assists families facing housing crises by not only finding alternative housing options after evictions but also by helping families qualify for and navigate Section 8 housing. Recognizing the burden of extensive medical bills, Maman provides relief and support to those grappling with overwhelming healthcare costs.

At Maman, we also collaborate with Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles (OBKLA) to supply and feed families in need. 

During the high holidays, such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah, we partner with Sanaz Jedian to supply grocery store gift cards to struggling families in the LA community. 

Maman is also committed to assisting Jewish foster kids in emergency situations. We work diligently to find safe housing for them, offering a sense of stability during challenging times. For children who have come from abusive homes, we actively engage in finding foster care solutions. We also help plan playdates and visits for at-risk youth and regularly check on these children to make sure they are getting medical and mental health care.

Our Partners

OBKLA: One Big Kitchen Los Angeles

Tanaz Golshani

Sanaz Jedian

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