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Medical Needs

Maman is dedicated to assisting those in our community facing serious illnesses or medical conditions.


In our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we organize blood, platelet, and bone marrow drives.


Maman partners with:

  • Blood and platelet drives and donations

  • Swab for Aiden: Maman is committed to raising awareness and education around bone marrow donations. Our collaboration with the Levian family and partnership with Gift of Life has successfully led to 43 potential matches after initiating bone marrow swabs at drives for their son Aiden. 

  • Elderly within the community, offering uplifting visits, assistance with doctor appointments, and accompanying them to medical visits. 

  • Maman actively participates in chemotherapy sessions, whether that’s sending visitors, providing Kabbalah coaching, sending meals, and activities.

  • We facilitate community support

  • Maman extends spiritual and financial aid to families facing challenges and in need of assistance. 

Our Partners

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