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Personal Spiritual Growth for Women

At Maman, we wholeheartedly believe that the strength and grounding of mothers is the foundation for entire families and therefore, our communities.


At Maman, we understand that to uplift a community, we must first empower and nurture the mothers. It's this understanding that propels us to invest in the spiritual growth of mothers and women in our community.

In our endeavor to support the personal and spiritual growth of mothers, we've partnered with Momentum Unlimited to create monthly classes that serve as growth workshops for mothers and women.


Maman’s Founder, Sara, also leads Kabbalah classes and organizes trips to Israel, providing an experience for spiritual growth and connection.

Maman also arranges workshops designed to address stressors and encourage personal growth for the women in our community. These gatherings are safe spaces where mothers can explore different facets of their lives, gaining valuable insights and practical tools to navigate life's complexities.


At Maman, we're dedicated to fostering a warm and supportive environment that nurtures the spiritual and personal development of women.

Our Partners

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