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Israel Projects

Maman in Action

Since the devastating October 7th 2023 terrorist attack on Israel, Maman’s network sprung into action. Maman has swiftly shifted focus to aid the most vulnerable in Israel to provide life-saving supplies and medicine.


Only 6 days after the October 7th attack, Maman dispatched 2 tons of requested supplies to Israel via Floyd Mayweather's plane. We have been committed to providing assistance to displaced families, survivors, and general aid for the people of Israel.


We've also created local partnerships in Israel to make an immediate impact on the ground, extending a lifeline to those in urgent need. We partnered with Amen, a nonprofit in Israel that provides trauma-healing therapy. With Amen, we were able to immediately reach the displaced Kibbutz Be’eri residents staying at the Dead Sea Hotels and provide some relief.

We also partnered with Leket and MedisonAid to distribute life-saving supplies to distribute items such as meals, tourniquets, thermals, knee pads, headlights, leathermans, raincoats, gloves, and boots. Maman’s IDF Operations Manager, Adinah Finn, has provided gear for 200+ IDF soldiers stationed in Gaza and in the north by spearheading our Direct to IDF initiative.

Israel Projects

The Nova Project

A five part program dedicated to helping survivors of the Nova attack.

The Tikvah Project

Many families from the war-ravaged southern communities in Israel are displaced and are now seeking temporary relief in the U.S.

The Osher Project

Many teenage kibbutz survivors and southern communities affected by the war have had their happiness stolen from them by the massacres of October 7th.

The Maman Project

We have partnered with boots-on-the-ground grassroots nonprofits and providers in Israel to provide trauma support, community support, and general assistance to survivors, displaced communities, and families of soldiers.

Soldier Support

On October 13th, only 6 days after the massacre, Maman dispatched 2 tons (~$1,000,000) of requested supplies to Israel via Floyd Mayweather's plane.

EIN: 88-0868090

Other Projects

Medical Needs


Families in Crisis


Special Education


Toy Drives


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