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Since the devastating October 7th 2023 terrorist attack on Israel, Maman’s network sprung into action. We have been committed to providing assistance to displaced families, survivors, and general aid for the people of Israel.

Bringing Awareness

Maman is dedicated to raising awareness about the events of October 7th, combating antisemitism, and bringing attention to the hostages.

Community Involvement with Israel

As a community, Maman encourages unity and community involvement with Israel.

Medical Needs

Maman assists those in the community suffering with serious illnesses or medical conditions through donations, drives, and emotional support.

Personal Spiritual Growth for Women

In our endeavor to support the personal and spiritual growth of mothers, we've partnered with Momentum Unlimited to create monthly classes that serve as growth workshops for mothers and women.

Community Support for Families

We help families in crisis by finding housing after eviction, qualifying and navigating Section 8 housing, provide relief with those struggling with extensive bills, etc.

Spiritual Support for Families

When a family is going through an acute challenge, Maman comes in to mother them and extends support through a range of initiatives.

Special Education

We support families going through the IEP process and educates families in how to advocate for their children in need of the public school system.

Volunteer Support

We ensure Maman’s volunteers (including children and teens) have access to support through therapeutic workshops, seminars, community building gatherings, and meditation.

Toy Drives

In addition to stocking mobile play rooms in almost every hospital in Los Angeles as well as hospitals nationwide, and in Israel- we notably achieved the largest influx of toys in CHLA's history through our community-backed toy drive.

EIN: 88-0868090

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