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Our Current Causes

In its short existence, Maman has taken on a variety of causes and has made BIG strides. 

Image by Nguyễn Hiệp

Bone Marrow, Platelet + Blood Drives

We have helped rally the community to get their cheek swabs and help save lives. We work with Gift of Life to find bone marrow matches. Through community efforts we have thus far helped find nine matches. We also help arrange blood and platelet collection drives and donations at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Image by Artur Rutkowski

Food Insecurity

In partnership with Our Big Kitchen Los Angeles (OBKLA) nonprofit, we have helped pack food and feed people dealing with food insecurities. We have also helped plan meal trains, meal drop offs, picking up groceries and cooking dietary-abiding homemade meals for those in need.

Image by luis arias

Mobile Play Carts and Remodeling CHLA

We are helping fund and remodel the play area at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Additionally, we are helping stock mobile play carts at hospitals nationwide and Israel for sick children who cannot leave their rooms.

Image by Adi Goldstein

Celebrating Special Occasions

We have helped throw a birthday party for the sibling of a sick child, and we have aided in hosting an entirely donated bat mitzvah for a teenager who is battling a rare illness. We provide support where we can, whether it is funding and planning a celebration or bringing together a community.

Image by Charlein Gracia

Helping Sick Children

We are currently assisting eight families across the greater Los Angeles area with children battling serious illnesses. We help visit and uplift the children themselves as well as the families of those caring for a sick child. We have helped plan visits, packed care packages, meal drop-offs and more.

Image by Element5 Digital

Special Education

We help get the resources to assign special education IEP advocates for children in need in the public school system to make sure no child is left behind.

Image by Rick Mason

Toy Drives

We have donated the biggest influx of toys in CHLA’s history through a community-backed toy drive.

Image by bruce mars

Remote Work

Phone and computer work to help all of our projects, including but not limited to making calls, applying for grants, legal help and setting up meal trains, swab sites and blood drives.

Image by Phil Hearing

Housing Assistance

We have helped a family find housing after being evicted while coping with extensive medical bills. We also aid families in qualifying and navigating Section 8 housing.

Image by Tyler Nix

Jewish Foster Kids

Help assist Jewish foster kids in emergency situations to find safe housing. We have also helped find foster care for children who have come from abusive homes. We help plan playdates and visits for at-risk youth and regularly check on these children to make sure they are getting medical and mental health care. We provide transportation for parents and children and work closely with LAUSD to make sure these kids are placed in correct schools and classrooms based on their needs.

Image by Bruno Aguirre

Elderly Care

We help care for the elderly, including visiting, managing doctor appointments, and accompanying them to appointments.

Image by Taylor Brandon


When the terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel in October 2023, Maman’s network sprung into action. We have gathered a list of what Israel’s most vulnerable soldiers and reserves need and worked around the clock to secure supplies. Our members have been in touch with Israel’s Defense Ministry to ensure the safeguarding and transportation of donated items. Once packed, we helped secure transportation such as commercial flights, chartered flights, private jets, cargo planes and directly purchasing items from suppliers in Israel to get to the hands of our troops as soon as possible. Part of this mission is to coordinate with our contacts on the grounds in Israel and to get much-needed items to those protecting not only the lives of all Israeli citizens but also the free world.

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