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Soldier Support

On October 13th, only 6 days after the massacre, Maman dispatched 2 tons (~$1,000,000) of requested supplies to Israel via Floyd Mayweather's plane. 

  • Subsequently, we've organized charter and cargo flights, delivering over $3,000,000 worth of humanitarian aid, comprising specifically requested gear and medical supplies.

  • Collaborating with EL AL, we've fulfilled personal requests for over 200 active units, including specialized frontline units, supplying essential items like special glasses, uniforms, headlamps, and life-saving equipment. 

  • We provide the women, wives, children of soldier families with childcare, protective gear, nourishing meals, and weekly activities across multiple communities.

  • Through local partnerships, Maman hosts barbeques for soldiers at their bases to improve morale.

Our Partners

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