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Bringing Awareness

Maman is dedicated to raising awareness about the events of October 7th, combating antisemitism, and bringing attention to the hostages.

Collaborating with "Bring Them Home Now," our efforts have included: Impactful art installations, such as a stroller exhibition, shoe installation, and more. Maman has repeated these exhibitions at various areas in Los Angeles and schools nationwide such as Cornell, UCLA, and more. During these exhibitions, Maman had press and social media influencers participate and magnify awareness.

Maman collaborates with community leaders such as Tomer Peretz to put together social media content to raise awareness, interviews, and events. We’ve also hosted Gala fundraisers that serve as platforms for unity and collective action. We’ve partnered with community leaders Sheila Nazarian, Lisa Daftari,  Ben Savage, Adi David, and Israeli hostage families to bring awareness at these events.


In addition to formal events, Maman hosts community activities such as yoga, sound baths, and dance, fostering conversations about what we advocate for.

Our Partners

Bring them Home Now

Tomer Peretz

Lisa Daftari

Ben Savage

Sheila Nazarian

Yarden Roman-Gat

Bruins For Israel

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