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The Nova Project

We created a five-part program to assist Nova survivors:

1. Science-based therapies and mental health resources: We work with different licensed therapists and doctors such as Dr. Orli Peter, a neuro-psychologist, to offer biofeedback, electrical brain stimulation, talk therapy, and qEEG imaging. 

2. Holistic-based therapies: acupuncture, sound baths, art therapy, massage, music therapy, and animal therapy. 

3. We collaborate with Kfar Saba 501c3 for weekly holistic gatherings for trauma support through various modalities including the above mentioned holistic-based therapies. 

4. We help to alleviate immediate stressors for survivors, such as awarding micro-grants to ease any financial debts, a platform for them to tell their stories, housing, aid for travel to Israel, and basic necessities. 

5. We support and advise wellness retreats for Nova survivors, focused on emotional support and healing, by creating bonds of joy and spirituality, while also raising awareness.

Our Partners

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