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Our mission at Maman is to provide mother-like support to families and individuals in our community and beyond experiencing a challenging time. Maman offers hands-on assistance as well as emotional and practical support to help these families through their hardship. We show up with Mama-bear fierceness and motherly tenderness. Maman is 100% volunteer and community based.


Maman's mission is to normalize giving and receiving support of any kind. 


At Maman we believe people should never feel alone. We are determined to help change the consciousness of our community to give back and reverse the stigma of shame people may feel for receiving support. We are passionate about engaging the public to come together and help others, whether as a volunteer or financial supporter, we believe in nurturing the community in a variety of ways. 


Individuals and families have complete privacy when receiving aid from Maman. We believe in helping anyone who needs it, whether it’s a person battling an illness, abuse, foster children, special education, special needs, medication, transportation, food security, housing assistance, acute care to help individuals get back on their feet, and other needs. Our mission is to bring light and positivity to the world — whether that means taking an action through kindness or paying it forward or elevating our consciousness in whatever capacity possible. 


Maman is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. EIN: 88-0868090


All donations go straight to one of our current causes. Maman Nonprofit is 100% volunteer based (meaning no salaries!).

When a family is facing a hardship (medical or otherwise) it is common for all their funds to go to medical bills or expenses to help that specific struggle. Normal life becomes altered as mundane (but normal and needed) tasks fall through the wayside-- doctor appointments for siblings of child with cancer, Bat Mitzvah for a girl with a rare disease whose parents spend every penny on treatment, meals and dinners for the family, new clothes for foster siblings who face neglect in the home, etc.

Your donation will directly impact these families and individuals struggling in our community. 

Examples of how donations have been used thus far: offset medical costs, providing meals, transportation, babysitting to help support families with sick members for a break, celebration of milestones (Bar/Bat Mitzvah) for kids with health challenges, clothing and blankets for kid facing neglect, groceries for the families, doctor appointments, attorney fees to help with IEPs and special education services and more. 

As a 501c3, every donation is Tax Deductible. You will receive an email with your receipt for your Tax Deductible donation within 1 week.


For every donation over $20 and more, Maman will send you a complimentary ‘Israeli Heritage Diversity Calendar’ for 2024.

The calendar features 12 beautiful Israelis with roots in countries from which our ancestors were expelled, and where we can no longer visit. 

Thanks for submitting!

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